Where We Last Saw Riding Hood

Where We Last Saw Riding Hood

120 days after planted tank start up.

Lighting: 2x Chihiros A601

Filtration: SunSun 304B w/ UV sterilizer + surface skimmer

Substrate: Eco-complete and Inert sand + reptile sand as cosmetic pathway

Stocking: 5 Black Skirt Tetras, 2 platy, 4 otocinculis catfish


(Foreground) Christmas moss + Java moss, Anubias Nana Var. Petite

(Midground) Microword, dwarf pennywort, Cryptocoryne Parvula, African Fern, Java Fern

(Background) Water Wisteria, Rotolia sp. Green, Flame Moss

(Trees) Weeping moss, flame moss, christmas moss, African fern
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Aquarium of the Month - December 2016
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