Naturally Artificial

Naturally Artificial

20 Gallon High
Substrate: Black Gravel
lighting: Stock LEDs on Stock hood
Temp: 78 F
Plants: Silk
Ferts: None Needed
Filtration: 2 Aqueon HOB


Black Widow Tetra

I started out 100% artificial, then did a 180 degree turn and only made my tanks as natural as they could be. Well, then I took this picture a couple of months ago where I scaped this one somewhere between, proving to myself that while a 100% planted tank is amazing you can combine cheap rocks with nice, fake plants and even a beginner can have a beautiful tank.

Honestly, I just hope this picture some some of you new fellas out there that you don't need expensive lights, plants, ferts or any of that. That even at an artificial and very basic level you can have a wonderful looking tank.

Hope I inspired some of you!
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Aquarium of the Month - September 2016
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