My Gneiss Green 40 gallon tank

My Gneiss Green 40 gallon tank

Just complete thed aquascaping in this tank.. The rock forms a cave and is called gneiss (pronounced nice) and like almost all metamorphic rocks, is aquarium safe. There are 3 pieces of driftwood although one is not visible.

Since my lighting is only low+, I used all easy to grow low light plants, except for a couple plants I am experimenting with (four leave clover & lemo bacopa), which may or not die. The other ones just about everyone is familiar with: java ferns, lace java ferns, various anubias, amazon swords, crypt pontederiifolia.

Fish in the tank are German blue rams, panda cory, cory trilineatus, neon tetras, and a bristlenose super red.

I had fun for several day, because I actually aquascaped three tanks, the other two with plants that were in this tank before.
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