Copper Betta

Copper Betta

  • NanaW

Oh wow I just looked at one online just like this one I am thinking of getting another one isn't he a beauty !
  • VeiltailKing

@NanaW He is gorgeous! I just got him yesterday, so his color is starting to come in.
  • NanaW

@VeiltailKing did you get him online? Maybe he is the one I looked at it said sale pending
  • VeiltailKing

@NanaW No, I got him from PetCo :) It was sad seeing such a gorgeous fish in a little cup. I think he likes the 10 gallon much better!
  • NanaW

@VeiltailKing Awesome thats why I try to stay out of the stores I have to give hubs a chance to get used to Sid then sneek another one in I'm a sucker for sad looking creatures lol
  • VeiltailKing

@NanaW It took a lot to convince hubby into getting another tank! I wish he was into the hobby like I am. I’m sure you will get another betta in the near future. That’s just how this hobby works!
  • NanaW

@VeiltailKinthats so funny I'm trying to get mine into liking the hobby more too lol. I did catch him over by the tank the other night with his finger going across the tank with Sid following it but I pretended not to see wish I could have gotten it on camera no one would have believed me lol

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