70 Gallon Tropical Community

70 Gallon Tropical Community

This is my pride and joy. We have had this tank for about 6 months now and it has gone through some major changes lately. It started out as a Spongebob Squarepants themed tank and the kids loved it. The paint on the ornaments started to peel and fall off so we decided to change it up. I wanted to go for a more natural looking theme so we bought a bunch or rocks, plants and a few beautiful pieces of drift wood. I love how it now looks and the fish seem to love the new plants and rocks. My gold barbs play tag all day long going in and out of the plants and my Pecos just hang out on the rocks and wood. Livestock:9 Gold Barbs6 Black Ruby Barbs5 Black Skirt Tetras5 Longfinned Zebra Danios1 Bolivian Ram Cichlid1 Angelfish1 Roseline Shark1Giant Gourami1 Rubbernosed Pleco1 Spotted Rubbernosed PlecoHardware:UGFPenguin Emperor BioWheel280 HOB Power Filter2 Dayglo Power Flourescent LampsTetra Whisper 75 Air pump4 Way Gang Valve18" Air stripTons of plastic and silk plantsAssorted rocks2 pieces Malaysian Drift wood
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Aquarium of the Month November 2007
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