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30 Hex Community

30 Gallon Hex Tropical Community

This was my first tank and my introduction into fish keeping. I used to belong to my mom but after seeing it sitting in her livingroom with nothing in it I asked her to sell it to me. She let me have it for free, and away we went!!!! I had some trials with this tank and have lost some good fish due to stupid mistakes. I have learned from those mistakes and am now up to 6 tanks and close to 70 fish all healthy and happy.

Live Stock:
7 Cardinal Tetras
3 Harlequin Rasboras
1 Black Molly
1 Veiltail betta
3 Cherry Barbs
2 Pink Glofish Danios
2 Otos
1 Bronze Cory Catfish

HOB Tetra Whisper Filter
Powerglo Flourescent Light
Tetra Whisper 25 Air Pump
4 Way Gang Valve
Sunken Ship Ornament
2 Skull Ornaments
Lots of fake Plants
3 Air Stones
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Aquarium of the Month November 2007
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